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Cuddling Angels is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and is located in Martinsburg, WV.   On May 8th 2015, the Shutack family unexpectedly lost their twins, Jack and Sophia at 23 weeks gestation. Wanting to keep their legacy alive and be there for other families that go through similar circumstances they founded, Cuddling Angels.  Started in 2016, we began by providing Cuddle Cots to local hospitals and provided 7 of the devices to different hospitals  throughout WV, MD and PA.  At this time, we no longer provide this service as we have taken a different stance on how to assist families.  We work with local cemeteries to assist with the financial burden of cemetery markers and urns. We provide memorial baskets with personalized items throughout the United States. We provide yearly Christmas memorial  ornaments to local families. We also hold memorial events when able.  All of the services that we provide are of no cost to the families. 

Our Story

Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to provide support, comfort and a sense of healing to families that have lost their babies too soon. 

Our vision is to alleviate any additional stress when a family endures the most unimaginable, heartbreaking loss of their child.

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