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We are partnering with Dreamy B Bakery to offer local families a 4” three layer cake on your baby’s birthday/angelversary.

Please make sure if you are completing this form this is for local families only. Unfortunately cakes aren’t able to be shipped. You must request 2 weeks prior to baby’s birthday as Dreamy B Bakery is a full time bakery and cannot meet requests with a short notice.

We are excited that we are able to provide this special treat for the birthday/angelversary of your loved one and know that there are many whom would like to put in a request for other family members/ friends losses as well. But with us being a non profit and having limited funds to cover it all it would be helpful that each person only request for the loved one they lost. Also if you are a family that has unfortunately had many losses and they are close in dates would you be willing to do a cake that was a combination celebration?

* This will be available to families located in Berkeley and Jefferson County, WV and Washington County MD. 

* If you place a request way in advance, we will make a note of it but we strongly advise to repeat the request closer to the birthday/angelversary so it is not missed. 

cudlling cakes.jpg


Someone will be reaching out to you for further information, Thank You

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