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     So what is a Cuddle Cot? For those not familiar, a Cuddle Cot is an in-room cooling unit that is the size of a small humidifier that is disguised inside a bassinet or Moses basket. A Cuddle Cot gives families the gift of time, allowing for their precious angel(s) to be at their bedside during their hospital stay.

     After delivering our twins, Megan had complications with removal of the second placenta and also had a significant blood loss, requiring her to be sent to the operating room immediately.  It was at this time we were offered the use of a Cuddle Cot. With this device we were able to keep Jack and Sophia with us until 5 PM the next day. We couldn’t be more grateful to have used a Cuddle Cot as it allowed us precious hours to bond with Jack and Sophia, to hold them, memorize their features and create everlasting, unforgettable memories. Pictures were able to be obtained 12 hours after delivery. Jack and Sophia’s big sister and grandparents were able to come meet, hold and love them.

     Being so little the natural changes that occur in death become more apparent with  babies, but a Cuddle Cot can preserve the body allowing parents cherished time with their child. This is all the time they have with them for upon discharge from the hospital they leave empty handed, devastated, that they are not bringing home their precious little one as planned.

     Now not all families grieve the same way, some may not be interested in using it but giving the option of availability if they desire can truly make a difference.

  When a pregnancy is lost before 20 weeks gestation, it is referred to as a miscarriage.  A loss after 20  weeks gestation is known as a stillbirth. 1 out of every 4 pregnancies end in a miscarriage and there are approximately 24,000 stillbirths a year in the United States. Placing a cuddle cot, an in room cooling unit, in hospitals gives families a gift of time by allowing precious, irreplaceable hours to bond, obtain priceless photos, plaster molds and for extended family to come meet the baby. 

A Cuddle Cot device gives families a chance to say good bye.








As of today, Cuddling Angels has donated 7 Cuddle Cots to local hospitals. 

Chambersburg Hospital- Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

Waynesboro Hospital (2)-Waynesboro, Pennsylvania

Altoona UPMC- Altoona, Pennsylvania

Shady Grove Adventist-Rockville, Maryland

Berkeley Medical Center- Martinsburg, West Virginia

Western Maryland Health Systems- Cumberland, Maryland

At this time, we are not donating any further Cuddle Cots. We will provide replacement parts to the devices that we have donated as requested. 

For further information on obtaining a Cuddle Cot please visit;

Donation of 1st Cuddle Cot to Chambersburg Hospital 

Covered by CBS 21

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